A reflection of its former self

A reflection of its former self (2009)


June 10, 2010 at 1 PM

Migrations and hatching

This appears to be a year of change.

I’ve just accepted (and started!) a new job at Twitter, working with their analytics team. This is an extension of the work I’ve done on Trendly, and joining me at Twitter will be the three developers with whom I’ve had the fortune to work for the past few years on both Trendly and Dabble DB: Andrew Catton, Avi Bryant and Ben Matasar. I’m pretty thrilled that I get to keep working with them and yet join the thriving Twitterverse at the same time. I went down to San Francisco for the first time a couple months back to meet the Twitter folks and got a chance to see what a dynamic, friendly bunch they are. It felt like a place I could be really happy working — and not just because they have good espresso machines in the kitchen. Though they do.

As part of this new job, all four of us — and our partners — will be moving to San Francisco later this year. Toronto’s only been my home for about two years, and I guess I’ve gotten used to moving around the world, but I had moved there with the intention to stay awhile, so this is a change about which I have mixed feelings. There are a lot of people in Toronto I’m going to miss. On the other hand, whenever I’ve mentioned San Francisco to them, they tell me how excited they are to come visit me once I’m living there. Apparently Bean (aka Catriona, aka my lovely wife) and I are going to need a spare bedroom.

To be fair, it’s been looking like we would need a spare bedroom anyway — we found out recently that Bean is pregnant, due at the end of November.

Did I mention things were changing?


When can we come visit? :) Congrats!
Huzzah! Well, I'll be sad to see you go...