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I keep thinking that someday I might stop saying I’m “from Vancouver.” After all, I haven’t lived there for about twenty-two years, and if I’m honest with myself, I know my seven years in Montreal (1997–2004) helped define who this present-day Luke character is just as much. But seven years in Montreal also made me feel like I could never say I was from there, and three and a half years in Nottingham, England certainly didn’t make me English. Two years didn’t make me a Torontonian. So I’m still “from Vancouver.”

In 2010, I moved to San Francisco. I can see how this whole California thing caught on. I live there with my excellent wife Catriona, our daughter Zoë, and Suki, the Portuguese Water Dog With a Japanese Name (Just to Keep You On Your Toes). Yes, my dog tweets. No, I’m not embarrassed. Not one little bit. Stop smirking.

Since I moved to San Francisco I’ve been working as a designer and software engineer at Twitter.

Among other things, I have been called lucky, smart, impatient, snobby, snot factory, jack of all trades, a good teacher, good at photography, coffee nazi (black, no sugar please), lover, husband, papa, cat person, dog person, people person and, of course, attaboy.

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