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February 23, 2007 at 12 PM

Clark, the Canadian Hockey Goalie

A short film from 2003 by George Plamondon

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Subsequently: Dabble in the Commons


that was hilarious....and yes, I am Canadian !
Im a canadian hockey goalie and that was awesome.
I loved this video. I was cracking up during the whole thing. Hockey is awesome!
where did you get the idea that hoser has to do with flooding the ice. i have been playing for 50 years and never heard this
Outstanding. No 5 hole on Clark.
That's Nick Vachon, x Portland Winter Hawk, he's been in a few movies with Mel Gibson and such.
LOL this is hilarious I just couldn't stop laughing. 5 Stars.
Clark is my newest favourite goalie ! Five stars for sure eh !
That was hilarious! 2 Thumbs way up from Melrose and Clement for sure!!
I Started playing goal 1939 ,never saw anything like this, Way to Go Clark'y
Get flick, Clark! Do you play other sports too? LOL.
GREAT vid, Clark is the best goalie around! :-D Five stars for sure.
Clark the strange.
That had to be one of the funniest things I have ever seen in my life! Clark ROCKS!!!!! =)
I can relate, I played net in Canada for 40 years and played shortstop when I played baseball. Only one fight in baseball.
"Hoser" was a fake derogatory term made up by SCTV's Bob & Doug MacDonald. They needed something for TV but had to use a pretend word to keep censors happy. See link.
As a shortstop who play's with a bunch of Canadian's This was the funniest baseball film I haveever seen.
Xander, I think you mean McKenzie. Excellent short film -- I especially like the "pro" wrestling moves.
Great film, only sad our beloved game will be out of business in a few years! Why can't we get anyone to watch a game on tv? Clark HELP!
'twas a thing of beauty, eh? Tears rolling from laughing out loud.
I used the term hoser as a kid in the 50's - it wasn't a term made up for Bob & Doug McKenzie
Clarky, think about moving to Toronto. We need you.............
Sooooooooooooooo funny !!!!! LOL how would clark cope with cricket in the uk?
Funny and educational. Finaly I understand the origin of "hoser". Go Clark!
This movie moved me.... right of my chair and onto the floor laughing my a** off! Brilliant!
That was awesome
take that ya hoser
I know steve haigh!
After playing both goal and softball on South Hill in Moose Jaw, there is nothing else to say ! Atta boy
This guy plays shortstop just like my kid who is also a goalie - except my kid is faster.
Awesome, well done! "Hoser" was a term for a petty thief who would steal gas using a siphon hose, made famous by Bob & Doug McKenzie on SCTV, who were screwed out of many years of Gemini Awards because 4 on the Floor were totally in the crease.....
I guess you appreciate more if you're a hockey goalie. I thought it was ok.
i thought the vid was histarical with the hocfey mixed in with the baseball thing
Now that's what I'm talking aboot!
Well, I'm not a goalie, or Canadian, but I am a hockey fan....and I thought this was outstanding!! I like the pre-Zamboni definition of 'hoser'!!
I'm so proud to be from moose jaw!!! you my boy clark! you my boy!
What a hoot, eh! I play goalie and my other sport is baseball, but first base cause I could do the splits. I heard the hoser explaination as noted in the flick, when I was at hockey camp in Guelph mid-70's and before the McKenzies, so take off, eh!
That was off-color and offensive. I didn't like it, ay.
this was god
I've been a goalie for 26 years and have played short stop since I was a kid. Good stuff.
OMG.. that was sooo funny. We all loved it! Way to go Clark!!
this was so gay.
Hilarious! A hoser, eh? Being a life long hockey pop and baseball dad, loved it!
If this doesn't win an oscar for short funny film,then I'm never watching them again..Great job
hahaha I love the mental lapse at the end. A true Canadian Hero.
I'm also a canadian hockey it ! Gotta remember my gear when I play ball next
nicholas-you are too much-have seen and heard all those moves-let me know what's up-your friend, advisor, coach, and admirer-mooner Clark Kent ---another great Canadian Superman---You go Hoser!
Give them an award!!!! I am a Canadian hockey goalie who grew up playing fastball!!!! Fantastic movie, eh! M :)
Totally hilarious.. Thanks Clark... That boy def got hit in the head one too many times LOL
ya frigen hoser
Hoser-short for hosebag- cleaned up for TV by Bob and Doug
I'm not Canadian, but I'm a goalie, and this was hilarious! Great job.
That was hysterical! I had tears rolling down my face the whole time. Good day, ay? Clark ROCKS.
My brother sent me this and I love it... 'I'll show ya hockey ya hoser" Tell me where I can find Clark!
I am a Canadian hockey goalie and thought it was pretty funny!
Another Awesome Canadian - god bless us all! .... Ya Hoser! Thanks Bob and Doug for the term!
I know the actor - he started out in the Chickenman Production films.
Hoser is both a slang term and a stereotype, originating from and used primarily in Canada.[1] Like the very similar term hosehead, it originally referred to farmers of the Canadian prairies, who would siphon gas from farming vehicles with a hose during the Great Depression of the 1930s. The expression has since been converted to the verb 'to hose' as in to trick, deceive, or steal - for example: "That card-shark sure hosed me." Hosed has an additional meaning of becoming drunk - for example: "Let's go out and get hosed." Alternatively, the term may orginate as a variation of "loser"; in amateur games of hockey the losing team would have to "hose down" the rink, resurface the ice with a water hose. Today, the word hoser evokes - sometimes sympathetically, with gentle ribbing, and sometimes negatively - a stereotypical Canadian male, typically lower to middle class, white and English Canadian. He is especially concerned with drinking beer and watching hockey. The hoser is understood as a product of a poor and white upbringing, whether urban or rural, but never from a more cosmopolitan lifestyle. He is generally assumed to be unemployed, although he may also work in primary industry (manufacturing, mining, forestry, etc.) or as a tradesman or a manual labourer. He is typically not university-educated: if he has any education past high school, it's a college trade program. If he does go on to university, or moves to a city, he will still have preferences for "hoser" food, clothing, music, and sports, and will retain the language inflections of his upbringing. He's often imagined wearing heavy winter clothing, usually a flannel lumberjack shirt, Kodiak boots and a tuque. He is generally a young adult to middle age, and may be somewhat aggressive given the beer and hockey, but may conversely be passive and amiable, given the beer. In musical culture, he is correlated with classic and mainstream rock music, particularly with Rush, Nickelback and the earlier, rowdier works of The Tragically Hip. If he goes out socially, it's usually to a donut shop. A hoser's flannel shirt may also be referred to as a "Kenora dinner jacket". (Some regional variations of this term also exist, usually substituting a hoser-stereotyped local community's name in place of Kenora.) [2] Perhaps the iconic representations of this definition of hoser in Canadian culture are Bob & Doug McKenzie of SCTV and Strange Brew. This model also profoundly informs The Red Green Show, and some sketch characters on Royal Canadian Air Farce (e.g. "Mike, from Canmore", "A Canadian Moment") and This Hour Has 22 Minutes (e.g. Connie Bloor, the Quinlan Quints). Although set in the United States, Wayne's World — which was created by a Canadian, Mike Myers — also shares some common elements with the hoser archetype. Hoser may also refer more generically to a rude and unkempt person, similar to the more universal terms boor, slob, and lout. However, like other such terms (e.g. jerk) it can also be used in a much more general sense as an all-purpose mild insult. The term is also sometimes used outside of Canada as a mocking term for any Canadian, although this usage may be perceived as offensive because of the word's more particular meaning within Canada. (See Anti-Canadianism) Bob & Doug McKenzie defined the term as "What you call your little brother when your mother isn't in the room."
Pretty funny, I've played goalie for 20 years. I now live in Texas and there's no way I'd play baseball in goal pads down here. Not a chance.
It was okay, not really that funny
AH HA HA HA!!! Friggin sweet! I wonder how the Hanson boys would do in baseball.
I agree with tim's analysis of "hoser" & in this case it may be true, but in some parts it may refer to a volunteer firefighter Still funny as Hell
Wanna smell my finger? Hockey rocks!
Seeing this makes me laugh. Nick Vachon and I went to Prep school together at Governor's Academy (then GDA). However, I was the goalie and he was a talented forward. We won a New England championship and had some great times. Nick went on to Boston University then had a cup of coffee with the Islanders and I went to play in the USHL and then Colby. Nick has quite a story. His Dad is a legend in Boston and has his number retired for the LA Kings. His Dad (Rogie Vachon) was an amazing goaltender in the NHL and was key in pulling off the trade that brought Wayne Gretzky to the Los Angeles Kings. I believe he was the GM of the Kings at the time. He still does work for the Kings in a different role. Our good friend, and Nick's linemate in Prep was Eric Lacroix. Eric played many NHL seasons, but his best were in Los Angeles and in Colorado; where Eric's Dad was and is the GM of the Avalanche. Eric's Dad was the former agent of the great goaltender Patrick Roy (among other greats) and also worked with the singer Celine Dione (they were all from Quebec). I just thought I would share some insight on my friend Nick. There is quite a lot of history with hockey and goaltenders with Clark, the Canadian Hockey Goalie. -Alex M., March 23, 2007 *Massachusetts*
Ya I'm going along with what Jerry said. It was ok... but I'm not really rolling on the floor here. I'm Canadian and have played a long while ago and love Hockey like the next fan but this clip? it's only midly funny. Although the line about the groin never feeling better was worth a chuckle. And thanks to all of the others who provided all of the other background info. I mean come on, I can see being a shortstop in pads but hitting and running with them on, well for my taste it was silly in the "wrong" way.
WAY T'GO CLARKY ! Showcasing the athletic adaptability of the GDA hockey player when we could skate only when weather permitted. Forgot to mention the Canadian goalie's favorite power snack....fromage & marshmallow fluff.
Great vid: Very educational. Now I know where "hoser" comes from. I loved the dig on ethnocentrism the black ballplayer gives when talking about "them" meaning Canadian. Canada has given us a great sport and some great comedy. Here's to Bob and Doug, John Candy, et al.
ROFL! Awesome. Loved it!
This flick was so funny I was in tears by the time it was over. I've been around hockey a long long time and I never knew what a hoser was until now. Absoutely hysterical, No-doubt-about-it.
Gives my Goalie young lad new options for the future..
Ha! Almost too funny, eh! That song'll be stuck in my head for awhile now. [It was probably all staged though since the League retired #99, iirc ;) ]
Hé qui était impressionnant ajoutez une certaine excitation aux règles d'hockey de base-ball vous hoser
I could see Frosty at shortstop.
Clark was on one of my youth hockey teams with Chris Celios. Both of them played like pussies. Probably why the mother fuc*%$ is playing baseball! The jersey over the head? Its called an Inglewood Jack! Bring that hose-shi& up again motha-fu*$@ and I will go TNT on your ass.
Oh God that was funny... When he almost hurled after the run to first and then took out the second baseman when stealing and the fight was classic... If you have ever had goalie gear on you would really appreciate the effort in putting this together... Best comic short sports vid everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Thanks so much for this! As a Canadian living abroad my heart was with Clark all the way. And thanks to Alex M for the insight on the actor playing Clark. Growing up in Winnipeg, Rogie was one of my heroes.
Awesome thats all i can say awesome
Atta boy Clark! This was friggin' hilarious! Love how he shot the ball over to 1st with his stick! Can you say new sport? Although running with the pads on might be a lil' tough! Nice Job Eh!
This short film kills.. Funniest thing i have seen in a while...
Allrighty! Well done,eh?
Nick Vachon.......I believe that is Rogie Vachon's boy, great glove hand and my favourite playoff performer. I noticed he had at least 5 metre's range and was a colourful character.
Have you hosers noticed that the only people commenting on this are Canadian. No one south of the border gives a rats backside about the origin of the word hoser or for the game of Hockey for that matter. The reason people aren't watching hockey on tv is because it sucks, its soccer on ice, and we all know soccer sucks. The movie was great, but it was just another attempt by the hockey crew to make their unpopular sport relevant. as well as tell us all how great your sport is and how you folks could play any other sport at the highest level, being your players are so tough, athletic and versatile. - The US population, March 26, 2007
oh man, that was awesome. I'm not Canadian, but I am a goalie. I don't play short stop, though. Mostly first...either way, that was great.
Wo.....that last assclown must be yet another bitter american ankle skater!
Best baseball game I've ever seen.
Hey, guess what US population......the big US three (basketball, baseball and football) and the soon to be #1 US "sport" nascar (which, along with possum hunting is the number one passtime of inbred, shack dwelling, mouth breathing chromosomal retards) blows one in any other country watches or is interested in anything that is american sport. By the way, hockey is second only to soccer (which is the sole point we agree upon) in most of the european union....and that's because basketball, baseball, football and most of all nascar suck. We could consider asia, (but who cares about cricket and ping pong) and australia (water sports are for girls, and americans who wish they were girls) but who cares about them.
Clarkie for PM! (From Comox to da 'rock - sure know we needs ya, by!)
I agree with Clark, hockey season is way too short. I played hockey year round, played ball during the summer as well. Mr. 95% of the US also missed listing poker and getting fat as the only sport that Americans seem to care about. All of us should boycott poker on TV and play sports all year like Clark.
brillant... simply brilliant
seems like the only viewers with a sense of humour are Canadian, eh! Only a Canadian could chuckle at themselves like that!!
That is freakin' Hillarious... And the line about Hoser having to hose down the ice.... It MUST be true, I read it on Wikipedia!
Too Cool and yes, I am a proud Canadian!
Okay, first of all, hockey is not SECOND to ANYTHING. It is also NOT SOCCER. Second of all, not all Americans enjoy feetball, baseball, bastetball (might as well write it the way it's most often said!!) or nascar. Some of us are more like you than you'd like to, pass the lard, please...
o ya Im a canadian goalie and im proud to be canadian
Nice job.
Alright just because one American is an idiot (the 95% of all Americans dude) doesn't mean we all are. Ive played goalie my whole life. I love hockey but don't want to be a Canadian. sorry. Anyways, the clip was hilarious.
Oh yeh i forgot. Soccer just blows. If you find me a more boring sport let me know.
I'm Nick's cousin from Montreal and when I first saw this movie, I thought to myself...: Give those guys ans Oscar or somethin'...LOL This is so funny!!
Thatta boy Mitch. Hockey is the best sport whether your canadian or not. although i do have to agree that nascar too!
Très amusant et très canadien..Eh! Very funny and very canadian... Eh!
The means justify the ends.... I liked the way we just poke fun at it all. Great clip...
thank god I'm wearing dark pants, as I have just pissed myself!!
I am an American who loves hockey and thought this was great.
I'm a goalie from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan myself!! Good work Clarky !!! But you've gotta use that stick of your yours to poke check the runners to third as well !! Good work !!
Kind of funny. Shows that hockey players can play baseball. Ha Ha!!
American here...son's a goalie who just won the state championship. "Snack on that for lunch" hahaha, gonna use that one from now on. Good job guys. Love that Canadian sense of humor.
Watching paint dry was more exciting than watching this video. Boring!
canadiens aren't good for much and that was an insult to baseball
The perfect motivational video, I will have our entire novice hockey team out for little league this summer!
Hey boys and girls, why the animosity between Canada and America? Hockey is a sport that you either love or hate just like any other sport regardless of where you are from. I grew up playing it, still love it, and don’t care if it is being played by Canadians, Americans, or Europeans. How about a little love here you hosers.
Hockey beats the crap out of the Canadian invented game of basketball. Oh Mr. USA... Canadians were good enough to get the USA hostages out of the Middle East a few years ago. Great video and keep up the good work Clark'y...
Screen! Screen! Screeeeennn! Fantastic writing, fantastic acting, great directing, world class editing, and interesting soundtrack. This is a great vid for both hockey and film enthusiasts. And that's coming from an American (although I do have some Canadian blood in my veins), so the person speaking for "US Population" can hose off! The freakin' hoser.
Say what you want about shootouts. Running the goalie is still the most exciting play in hockey.
Good for a chuckle...I guess Moose Jaw really does ROCK! Cdn or American, it doesn't matter....too bad one guy from the U.S. gets his arrogant banter going...yes we all know that you guys are the best and have the best sports...that's why Americans are the most loved people anywhere you go around the world (thanks to 5% of the population like you).
This is tff I almost barfed I was laughing to hard.
Hahaha! I loved that!
americans are the shittiest hockey players in teh world... u need to be a canadian to rip it up.. americans think they run the show just because they have the most people...but really canadians and europeans take it
xlent eh !
anybody notice steve nash the best bball player justin is the best ball player and all canadians are best hockey players ?
my liitle bros a canaidian hockey player and is just starting base ball....he LOVED this!!!
Funny,thats all i have to say....funny
Acually Americans aren't to bad at hockey, all they do is use there sticks..but all in all there not bad Candians still wreck them but meh
Fuckin rights, hilarious
played short and tended net still love hockey love canada love my home usa go leafs go also come on rangers
ps what is nascar
He should keep the goalie's mask on. He has way too many teeth to lose playing baseball.
Clark is kinda cute
i'm a Canadian goalie and this is so hillarious! i'm not very good.. maybe i should take up baseball? clark.. what a guy.
I know this guy I used to work with who is from Canada, his name is Drew. He is a real tool.
Very Cool Video
First things first, the video is genious, it's just funny. It really doesn't matter if thats REALLY where hoser came from, it's still funny. How in the world could a US vs. Canada thing get started from this video??? Anyone who bashes hockey and Canada or anything else for that matter cannot speak for the other 280 million so don't try.
I used to babysit 'clark' and his sisters when his dad was playing in Detroit. He was a spaz then and still is now...
Next to the movie "SLAPSHOT" this is the funniest hockey video I have ever seen. I have watched this video 15 times and getting nothing done at work. HOCKEY is the best sport. Second only to playing goalie. I have been in the net for 40 years. HOCKEY RULES!
ever notice how 1 deprived individual can draw attentioon from what was intended to funny and most certainly delivered. Well done ya hoser!!
Hey... I once knew a guy named Drew who was a Canadian Goalie... I used to call him hoser... but that was for a different reason...
it was pretty funny
This is so funny. Hockey is the greatest sport around. Anyone who says they don't like hockey, has never been to a hockey game. Great little film here.
I grew up In Burnaby BC, went to school with the shmyrs, had an argument with ummmmm, (whats his name) Mark Messier at a toga party in rookie then, I now live In Florida, (they dont know what hockey is here apparently,, always remember the three men I admire mosr, Elvis, Wayne Gretzy, and the Holy ghost. Go Canada Go.
Awesome video. Very Funny.
I absolutely loved this video.
I'm with Dwight, Mitch, Darrin, Dan and especially Goose. Mr 95% needs to get a crash course in percentages... His "95% of Americans" are the Americans getting ready to vote, Hillary Clinton for President. Hockey rules...Soccer is a homo sport...Clark is a riot...and how do I get Belinda's number...
I have to agree with Mike (March 21): hoser is short for hose bag, another term for douche bag. Certainly used in schoolyards in Central Canada in early 1960's, you could get hosed any number of ways, so to speak. If you came up short or expectations or sounded stupid to your buddies, you were a hoser. You were also a hose bag, or douche bag. The term could be used as a substitute for any other pejorative, just as Bob and Doug use it.
That was a down right beauty. Can't people understand this is just ment to be a parody of baseball not a country slamming video. Sit back and enjoy. It's just plain funny!
Very proud to be from Moose Jaw, and for you "u.s population", Basketball is CANADIAN invented right here in CANADA...Baseball, the great american pass-time, that was invented first in England. It was a game called rounders and the it was adapted to americans in 1845 and football was invented in Scotland in the 1600's so to say the least I am proud to be from Canada and Moose Jaw Saskatchewan... we love hockey and we can take credit for and be proud in the sport our country is known for!!! CB
This Vachon guys is hilarious, I hope to meet him some day!
I absolutely loved this video,this is so funny. Hockey is the greatest sport around. Anyone who says they don’t like hockey, has never been to a hockey game. This flick was so funny I was in tears by the time it was over. I’ve been around hockey a long long time and I never knew what a hoser was until now. Absoutely hysterical, No-doubt-about-it. djbot420 (*_*) April 1 2007
Wow, What a great short film. The life of a hockey goalie in the off season! Clark is probably the best short-stop I have witnessed in many years, he is the only ball player who can skate. Really enjoyed this and will share it with the Bantam team (Wings) I coach in Nashville. GO PREDATORS!
It's McKenzie not McDonald queer
G`day from Lautertal/Germany Thos movie makes my day. LOL !!! I`am not Canadian, but in the heart I`m feel canadian. GO CANUCKS GO
Flipp'n Hilarious, Love the jerseying, brings back fond memories.
Actually very funny and informational. This would be possible but only for a Canadian. Now for something on curling.
hockey is a most excellent game. this vid actually made baseball look interesting. go canucks and enjoy your dave....
hahahhaha hilarious.. and im american.. canucks are fucking sweet
This has to be sent to all American cities in the NHL. Maybe they'll find the humour and tune into the greatest game on earth! rock and now have taken over The Hanson Brothers. An Oscar performance
LETS GO RED WINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Excellent video. And yes, the US loves Hockey! Especially since Professional Hockey started here in Houghton, MI -
That was funny. Being Canadian and all. I was riding My Ski-Doo yesterday on top of a mountain and it was friggin awesome eh, pulling big chutes and all. There was even some of those american types there loving it. GO CANUCKS GO BOBBIE LOU ALL THE WAY BABY .....wings my a........
Bryon, you're full of merde. Everyone knows that hockey was invented in Santa Barbara at the corner of State and Anapamu.
As an American who grew up close to the border and a long-time hockey player, this was very funny! I think he would take off the gear to bat, but what the hey? I liked to various ways he "threw" the ball to first base! Very inventive!
I'm enjoying the comments nearly as much as the video. I can't believe there are so many people who would take this so seriously. It's a funny video no matter what your perspective and anyone who tries to read something more into it needs to take themselves a little less seriously 'cause this is funny stuff. When someone tries to include the majority of any group of people as support for their argument (that whole 95% crap), you can probably bet that the statistic is probably the other way around. I love it when an opinionated bonehead takes the rest of us along for a ride.
Quite possibly the LEAST funny video I have EVER been forwarded. I didn't laugh once, and I'm pretty sure I didn't even crack a smile. What gives?
whats with the attitude JIM? maybe you should find yourself a mate? maybe a pet? i thought that video was HILLAARRIIOOUUUSS. you crazy canuckLE heads keep on rocking.
funny.. my brother.. who plays goalie.. got bored.. and tried out for the baseball team in his university and made it.. and hes never played hardball in his life..
i grew up in chicago when we had weather, we would play pond hockey all day and night and you guys are right we never had summer hockey and baseball is for queers so we work our hand eye playing golf and basically playing hockey on grass with a hole instead of a goal, and we drank alot. good job clark i hope you were drunk when you made this.brendan remember when you got caught with your stick off the ice, i thought the coach was going to kill you, go hawks
Clark, is a BEAUTY! he is all that is Canada haha
Hoser actually is a term, isn't used too much around the US, but if spend a summer playin in Canada you'll hear it! This is a response to Bob on MArch 9. GO AVS!
Hi I am an African goalie from Sudan, yes we have ice you hoser. I would like all you to pay a small donation to the aids cliinic in Algeria, Africa. Every donation will hepl me play a few more games! Please help
Haha you fricken hoser! that was a big joke. I live in Trail, B.C. and i play for the Trail Smookies Gay Wads
Pretty cool maybe the leafs will draft you lord knows they need the help ,ps i am a leafs fan,lol and canadian also.
I just want to put my two cents in here. I simply enjoyed the video. I am a US citizen who holds no grudges against Canadians, soccer, NASCAR, baseball, etc. I am a middle-class, white female, Mom of 2. I really enjoy most sports, and am teaching my sport-loving children what I know. However, I would be ashamed to let them see the stuff you "adults" have written on this comment board. Whatever happened to good sportsmanship, politeness, and giving everybody the right to pursue their own form of enjoyment without someone else piping in a rude comeback?
Very funny, but would have been funnier if it had been written by a Canadian and if "Clark" had actually been Canadian (so that he could get the accent right).
Russ Avalanche could use this guy lol
Forget the HOSERS! GO CLARK !!!!
and candadians then wonder why the rest of the free world refers to them as they all live in trailer courts up there???
I played with Nick Vachon (Clark) in portland with the winterhawks(WHL). he was the absolute biggest nerd in the entire league. we "wet-bedded" him every single road trip. and yet you losers are here laughing at something that wasn't even funy. it was Nick
Ok boys, I'm Italian-American (which is of course, vastly superior to "Medigans" if for no other reason that we eat better and can whack you with an ice pick...but I digress. The " American dick there doesn't get teh fucken' point. I've played on ice for 25 years, I'm 41 and still the captain of my beer league team. If this HOSER doesn't get it, fuck him and his girly "sports". Guys like that make me embarrased to have a dick...tool. Capo
This was absolutely hilarious! Here in Minnesota, we know that Canadians are just like us and okay. The women are really hot, especially in Vancouver, and the guys like to have a few brews. Whats everyones problem with a country that appreciates a real sport, and doesn't glorify a lazy bunch of thugs that are overpaid, and extremely underworked in the NBA? Basketball sucks!!!
hilarious, even though no one is gonna get this far down the page. Forget the hoser thing it doesn't matter, it was funny.
reminds me of a couple guys I know...Gary H. Randy B.
friggin hilariuos, you hosers that don't get it, never played hockey. Hockey is football with sticks. Don't forget the A.L. M.V.P. was Minnesota Twin Justin Morneau (a canuck)
I am from the "States", however, I have spent a lot of time around Lake Muskoka. Funny is funny, irrespective of your nationality. How "aboot" that Spartan hockey club, eh?
Way to go Clarkie! Vachon in his goalie equipment actually plays better at shortstop than many legitimate ball-players. Great stuff! Some of the previous comments just don't get it. Go Leafs Go!
this is pathetic
i thought that was nick too funny... ex long beach hockey announcer too... haha gotta love it.
I play goalie and i play baseball...its hilarious u FREAKIN HOSER
This video sucked.
Good fun! Thanks!
I am not sure whether I should take some of the coments from some of the yankees on here seriously or not. Do you really not understand a parody. You truly are an ignorant lot. Congratulations on portraying your country as a nation of buffoons. As for the fellow who chose to address Sheila on April 5, are you kidding me? I am certain you are simply a developmentally retarded adolescent, but come on. Please, don't attempt to speak for anybody other than your stupid self again.
Dan, I'm surprised that you enjoyed this!? You're a friggin defenceman, although you haven't showed up at the rink for awhile. This is entertainment for forwards, or the hosers outside the glass, eh? You need to spend less time on line and more time playing hockey (on the ice). See you Wednesday night. -Norbs #1
Fuckin hilarious... atleast we can beat the USA in two things.. humour and hockey! Way over most American's heads lol Nuff said!
tht was awesome movie
Yeah, Clark. I LOVed this movie. YOu hoser.
It was just a funny clip about sports.Give it a break guys! Where is the good Canadian sense of humour if you can't chuckle!
Friggin Hoser Americans. Wait, I'm an American. But for some reason hockey and this video is awesome to me. Chicago, Illinois born and bred. Why can't Baseball, Basketball, and Football die....Friggin' Hosers. NHL Playoffs are on!!!
this would give new meaning to the Northern League
Now that's a classic eh!
Shame they couldn't have stuck in a bit of boarding, crosschecking and high sticking and showed those baseball pansies a real man's game ;-)
this guy has got some talent
Goalies come and go but this one will last forever in Baseball's Hall of Fame.
Could use Clark on my Beer League team. He's got all the tools. Great job. Very funny.
I cannot beleive how negative some people are, or how some people need to clarify "Hoser" for us all. If you didn't laugh who cares? I don't! So why you gotta bring everybody else down. It was great and clearly the majority of people that saw it thought it was funny. So cheers to the makers and Nick with the great accent. Now screw off you negative HOSERS! Eh!
Jim's a hoser eh....friggin hoser Jim....
check out a real Canadian goalie story at
Isn't hockey supposed to be played on ice. He totally is cheating using a stick in the field. Anyways, no way he could really make it!
That was awesome eh? Clark might be from Moose Jaw but he plays like a Quebec Goalie. Did you see that glove save at 2nd base....WOW.
You guys are all overreacting! Get a life and who cares what people say on here. Funny video, meant to make people laugh, not fight! Mr. 95% needs to find something better to do with his time than start problems. We have enough in this world thanks to the american President.
Funny, funny & funny - everyone else should just lighten up
funny, insulting to all hockey goalies,but funny
LOL I have sent this to some hockey fellows I know who are still trying to play the sport, maybe they will switch to baseball or maybe try this playing golf.
It's just a goddamn parody video. Holy Carp! If you don't like it keep on clickin and keep your ignorant comments to yourself. It made me laugh. Go Clark.
I've been covering sports as afreelance TV cameraman for over 35 years, live close to Canada and consider the Canadians Ive worked with great friends. Every sport has something to offer someone. Lighten up on both sides of the border...Get a life..This is well done.
This is a cute, funny video, especially for youth hockey players. You people who are commenting about your high school hockey resumes, BU, the fact that you have played for 40 years and never heard the term "hoser" should get over yourselves. Enjoy it for what the video was...pure fun
Drôle en tabernac! Olé Olé
Love the use of a baseball bat for the hockey stick ;)
Pure Fun for sure! Go Clark