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March 6, 2001 — 3 PM

Take One: Yeah, we’ll, um…

Take One: Yeah, we'll, um... install a filter. Yeah. That's the ticket, see?

Take Two: Yeah, we'll, um... ask people nicely. No one will break the rules, no sirree.

An unweildy behemoth with undue influence, power and money, aka the Recording Industry Association of America, is about to meet its match with an even more unweildy behemoth with undue influence, power and money. Some people like to call them "the public." And they like getting music for free. It's convenient. It's fast. It's easy to find new music that you would never find on the radio or the music channel. Did I mention it was free?

Filters or not, Napster may disappear. But that won't stop the "ambulance chasers," as Wired refers to them, the dozens of competing services which will rise up in Napster's stead.


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