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May 3, 2005 at 5 PM

Don’t Forget Your Backpack

A clever web design company called 37signals is trying to redefine the experience of using the web to be productive.

To that end, they have released Backpack, a “personal information management” web site that is basically whatever you want it to be.

In many ways, this is the sort of thing that you need but they don’t even realize. Although I do use my cellphone and my e-mail to remind myself of things, I also tend to use Stickies, a program included with every Mac that adorns little coloured notes to your desktop.

Backpack is the place to collect all of that functionality and tie it together. So you can make notes and lists and have it take care of the reminding for you, either by e-mailing you or telling your phone.

Maybe this wouldn’t work if you weren’t always near one or the other, but I sure am, and this strikes me as way more elegant and simple than some sort of godforsaken handheld thing that costs hundreds and becomes priceless as soon as you lose it or drop it in the bathtub.

Backpack is free to try out, although the paid version lets you keep images and files on it, and lets you have more reminders and exist ad-free.

But if all you need it for is to remind you to pay a bill or go to the doctor, or to keep track of those albums you’ve been meaning to buy, free sounds pretty good.



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