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February 28, 2005 at 8 AM

Filter This

Yesterday I received by far the most creative attempt yet to dupe anti-spam filters. Oddly, the technology behind it is something I’ve rarely seen since the 1980s:

.,        ,; .r,
@id      dgl bio
 qe      wu,
 Bgu    qwB  WxW  iwrfmeo:   iectcWjd  Wxjerb  @ompdiS
  ya    mo   grs  ur    ik. Wqx.  fdd  ofl    vy;   @jS
  och  dek   WiW    8dgtuf: vg     bu  WgZ      Zobovu@
   jk .wb    WdW  uvW:: gp, iq     kj  WbW    rwk,i 0dW
   SgnbpS    WlW tn     uc  dtZ   rxk  WaW   xtB    0mZ
    bpdn     ffb  yjrnhwthv  xocWkyfu  fdg    ihlyxocve0
              ,    ,:;i   :        ul   ,       ,;i   .:
                            Zyp   qbr

I’d like to know how to add a rule to filter this.


It’s funny how quick it is for us humans to identify this as spam, and yet how challenging it is for a computer to draw the same conclusion. I predict the next generation anti-spam tools (or maybe the generation after that) will have to employ optical-recognition tools to combat this kind of spam.

Patrick Gibson | Feb. 28, 2005 — 6 PM

Maybe your coomputer is trying to tell you something…

Scott | Mar. 19, 2005 — 1 AM

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