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December 9, 2004 — 7 PM

Everything Must Go!

Did I mention I’m moving soon?

Fellow Montrealers, this is your chance to help Attaboy on his way out. I have lots of furniture and miscellaneous household items for sale. And even one chair I’d give away. I’ve posted photos of much of the furniture, but e-mail me if you have any questions or want to make an offer.

Also, I have one Samsung 256 MB laptop RAM chip (SO-DIMM 200-pin PC2700 DDR 333). It’s nearly brand new, barely used in my Powerbook before I upgraded the RAM. $75 or best offer.


I’d simply die for that Mustard Armchair! Looks ‘VACHEment confortable’ to me. Oh… by the way, could you then just ship it over to Britain? ;)
see you soon!

— Marije | Dec. 13, 2004 — 3 PM

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