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June 8, 2004 — 9 PM

The Sunset From My Balcony

I was going to talk about the election and the price of gas, but you know, it’s too nice outside for blogging right now, so photography is in the spotlight instead this week at Attaboy.

(That and it’s about time I took better advantage of the digital camera I bought in March.)


Beautiful photos (the Gazania pic is really wonderful)! I’d like to know what kind of digital camera you bought and if you like it, because I’m planning to buy one within the next six months or so. I have a really good camera for prints, so haven’t been in a rush to go digital, but I’m really starting to desire the advantages of digital.

Kim | Jun. 9, 2004 — 1 PM

It’s a Canon S400, 4 Mpix, also sometimes known as a Digital Elph and/or IXUS400.

I got one of the last models I think — it’s since been replaced with the 410 and 500 (a 5 Mpix version), but I understand they are almost exactly the same.

I’ve actually been planning to write a review of it for the benefit of people just like you — that is to say, for the benefit of people just like I was before buying it. See the forthcoming entry on the site.

— Luke | Jun. 9, 2004 — 2 PM

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