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November 5, 2003 — 10 AM

Match Multiple Accounts With Signatures Using Mail.app

Warning: Purely Mac-Tech-Geek Entry to Follow.

Attention, OS X users, MailEnhancer is the plug-in for Apple’s Mail.app that you seek. Among other things, it allows Mail to match automatically a particular signature to a particular e-mail address so that when you compose messages, your signature will always correspond.

It’s a feature I’ve missed ever since giving up Entourage, but Apple Mail’s excellent junk mail filter kept me from switching back. Now I can e-mail in peace.

Oh, and since I missed it when I first installed the plug-in, let me just add that you have to rename your signatures to match a e-mail address — not the name of an account, but the actual address — to make it work.

The plug-in also usefully changes the little red new mail counter in the Dock to include any new messages that are not in your inbox, which is useful to anyone that filters messages from mailing lists or, uh, pesky acquaintances.


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