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July 18, 2003 — 12 PM

Well Read

Like examining the mouths of gift horses, and counting unhatched eggs, judging books by their covers is a practice beaten out of most of us by the age of ten or so. Or so we all like to think.

Well, I for one always judge books by their covers, and I’m glad to see someone else take up the practice more professionally. After all, some talented people out there put a lot of effort into these things.


Couldn’t agree more. Good design is critical. I also apply the principle when buying wine. The only book cover design of mine that I can find on Amazon is this one (hope this syntax works) but it comes out too dark in the jpeg. NB that as with making movie posters it is seldom required that one read the book or see the movie before putting pixel to paper.

Kate M. | Jul. 18, 2003 — 3 PM

Me again. Here’s an entertaining book cover item (via Danny Yee’s blog):

Kate M. | Jul. 24, 2003 — 1 PM

Wow, those are, um, special.

Luke | Jul. 24, 2003 — 2 PM

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