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June 30, 2003 — 7 PM

365 Sounds

Strange and fantastic sounds emanate from the 365 Days Project. By turns wonderful and horrifying, the web site is a repository of obscure music recordings augmented once daily by the editors. As July approaches, you’ve already missed 130 or so entries if you’ve never been to the site, so get that mouse a-clicking.

Where to begin? Indeed. Some recent gems include Spanish children’s TV songs, Mike Wallace on Zenith stereos, and the one your brain will regret, “Donna Summer on the Radio”.

Also, don’t miss the new definition of an especially ironic hell: Jim & Tammy & Their Friends. Yes, that Jim and Tammy, and yes, she sings like her makeup, and yes, you are going to regret clicking that link in a moment.

Finally, I’ve discovered the source of George W. Bush’s unique style of speech composition and delivery: the narrator on the inimitable “Dryclean When You Care”. The chorus, if you thought someone was making this up:

Satin, suede, serapes and sweaters,
Suits and coats, woolens and leathers,
Everything, whenever, whatever,
Dryclean when you care!


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