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June 26, 2003 — 11 AM

Sesame Street Fever

Someone at Metafilter posted a link to SesameSeventies.com, a site which pays hommage to several albums of Sesame Street disco music released in the 1970s by the inimitable Children’s Television Workshop.

Maybe it’s the 35 °C heat and humidity here in Montreal, but who can’t get down and boogie to tracks like “Rubber Duckie”, or “Sesame Street Fever” (from the album of the same name)? Meanwhile, the vibe gets downright funky on “Me Lost Me Cookie at the Disco”. Oh yeah, baby.

Yes, you can download MP3s of the songs (complete with vinyl scratchy sounds), and apparently Jim Henson’s lawyers don’t even mind, since none of this material was ever released on tape or CD. But even without the free downloads the site is worth a visit just to see Grover in full Travolta regalia.

(N.B.: certain parts of the site look a bit fouled up in Safari, but they seem fine in Explorer.)


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