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June 4, 2003 — 3 PM

Return of Wells

Kate over at the Montreal City Weblog noticed that everyone’s favourite Canadian columnist, Paul Wells, has returned quickly to print in the form of a column at Maclean’s, English Canada’s answer to Time.

I’m not sure how Kate spotted this, since Maclean’s relevance to Canadian discourse these days is generally limited to how long you’re in the waiting room at the doctor or dentist. The magazine suffers from a few problems, but mostly it’s that there isn’t enough news in Canada to fill a weekly news magazine. I’ll try to take more notice, though, with the addition of Wells to the fold. Last year’s snappy redesign of the magazine gave it a more contemporary and urban appearance; now there is a writer who can match that in prose.

And Wells wastes no time returning to form. Last week he exposed new federal Conservative leader Peter MacKay to scrutiny. Wells seemingly never fails to ask the questions that we all should ask of politicians, but which reporters seldom do. You know, like, “What do you actually stand for?”

This week, in a more philosophical piece, he discusses Cannes-award-winning actress Marie-Josée Croze and the film in which she stars, Les Invasions barbares (“The Barbarian Invasions”). Hurry up and read (or get thee to a doctor), before the links rot away.


I’m not sure how Kate spotted this

I have my methods, Watson.

Kate M. | Jun. 4, 2003 — 11 PM

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