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April 8, 2003 — 4 PM

Thin Ice

While sipping my latte heated, milky coffee beverage in a local café yesterday I couldn’t help but indulge in a little CNN viewing, something I have studiously avoided so far in this war. (Then again, I don’t have cable, so it’s not such an effort.) The TV was on mute though, and soon I realized that without sound, TV war coverage is a hopeless exercise in confusion. Smoke-drenched shots of indecipherable landscapes, jerky digital video and talking heads: it all screams Contemporary Art Museum exhibit. Go ahead, try it. I’ve concluded over the last few years that television contributes almost nothing to journalism that can’t be accomplished with either radio or newspapers.

In celebration of all things un-TV, it’s allegory season here at Attaboy and first up to the mike is Patrick Farley with “Thin Ice”. An excerpt:

PROTESTER: I’m just saying… uh… the ice might be thin.

WOLFOWITZ: Then again, it might not be.

CHENEY: We’ve looked all up and down the river with binoculars, and as far as we can tell, the ice is FIRM!

PERLE: I predict the ice will get even firmer as the Winnebago rolls over it.

RUMSFELD: And even if it doesn’t — this Winnebago has snowchains!

A thought: I haven’t yet read, heard or seen any clever pro-war satire.


Funny, I haven’t yet read, heard, or seen any clever pro-war PEOPLE.

Beerzie Boy | Apr. 9, 2003 — 12 PM

You know, Luke, I usually don’t finish reading things that start with “While sipping my latte in a local café”….

Brett | Apr. 9, 2003 — 4 PM

Yes, I realize I’m reinforcing some nasty stereotypes about the apathetic westerner, too overcome by steamed milk to care about the problems of the world. Ahem.

Of course, the latte only cost $1.75; at least it was a working class price.

Luke | Apr. 9, 2003 — 4 PM


brett | Apr. 10, 2003 — 9 PM

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