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November 11, 2002 — 3 PM

The Boy Has A New Suit

Major changes afoot here at Attaboy. I’ve finally put the finishing touches on a new look for the ol’ site. For those of you using modern browsers like Internet Explorer 5/6 or Netscape 6/7 or Chimera or Opera, hopefully all will appear as it should. If something looks amiss, leave a comment. Users of Netscape 4 and other archaic browsers will instead notice that the site looks rather plain.

In a decision that will appeal only to other web designers, I have changed the site to be compliant with current Web standards, which means saying goodbye to some ugly trickery that kept Netscape 4 happy. But it means more flexibility to add new elements to the site, a task that was overly labourious with the old design.

As I bring the rest of the site and the archives into the new look there may be bad links here and there. Hopefully they will vanish within a short time. But I’ve dawdled long enough with this to let such minor trifles stop me.


Very handsome new look. Congratulations.

Beerzie Boy | Nov. 11, 2002 — 6 PM

Looks great. As a Mtl blogger labouring under a redesign — tho not blessed with your pixel-based talent — I can only hope mine will end up half as nice. (Only note: There is a small problem with this page; the B&W image on the top right of the metro platform repeats, oddly) I can give you a screen shot when i get home if you like.

M-J | Nov. 15, 2002 — 3 PM

IE/Windows is such a snotty-nosed brat. Just when I think I have it licked, another weird bug crops up.

Anyhow, I think I’ve fixed the background image issue, but it’s hard to tell since I’m using a Mac with Virtual PC.

Looking forward to seeing your new site though. And thanks for the compliments.

Luke | Nov. 15, 2002 — 5 PM

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