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August 8, 2002 — 11 AM

One Flight, Three Time Zones Later

I’m exhausted as I return to a more routine life, back in Montreal. Flying east does a real number on your body’s sense of time and place, especially when one wakes up at 6:00 AM to catch a flight.

My friends (but hopefully not my arch enemies) know I hate flying. Cramped spaces, long line-ups, screaming children, petulant airport staff; really, what’s not to love?

In defense of airlines though, there is one area in which their reputation has taken a beating, a reputation I think undeserved. Airplane food is not that bad. Or maybe it’ts not as bad as it used to be. I was served quiche for breakfast on my flight from Vancouver yesterday and it was admittedly rather tasty. And I don’t even fly first-class. (On a related noted, someone should point out that the now-mandatory plastic knives distributed with the cutlery seem actually sharper than the old metal ones.)

Don’t believe me? Well, don’t take my word for it, check out AirlineMeals.net and see photos of airplane food at its best (and worst).

Air Canada has also started offering Clodhoppers, which I will hereby declare one of the finest treats Canada has to offer. Of course the bag only contained four or five of the little things, but still, chocolate fudge is never a bad thing. Yum.


On Royal Air (I think they’re now out of business) I had a very delicious vegatable lasagna. I was quite impressed and relieved, as I had an eleven hour flight ahead of me.

Also, I once had the pleasure of flying Virgin Atlantic from San Francisco to London, and the food was spectacular. For egg salad lovers, they had this delicious egg-salad wrap with a tomato tortilla. It was so good that I asked for a second, and they gave it to me! To top it off, these were substantial wraps — not some mini-food that some have grown to expect from the airlines.

I’ve learned that vegetarians usually get their food first, so if you can live without the meat (as I do) I suggest ordering a vegetarian meal.

— Patrick | Aug. 10, 2002 — 10 PM

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