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April 23, 2002 — 2 PM

Shove This Into Your Dock and Smoke It

Warning: Geek material ahead.

So I’ve been using Mac OS X for the last few days, as I attempt to ramp up my geek status by having the latest greatest operating system on my computer. Or at least the coolest looking operating system. And so far, so good. Only one major crash, and that because I tried to interrupt an update to the system software. (Lesson One: do not interrupt your computer while it is getting dressed). Meanwhile, during this transition stage to a new working environment, I, like others, must find my way around the Dock, Apple’s too-many-tricks-for-one-pony replacement for all the various interface doohickies that made up OS 9. No more Launcher, no more pop-up windows, no more spring-loaded folders, and a neutered Apple menu. Just Dock.

The Dock has already become infamous among OS X users for its stubborn nature, its perky, bouncy, glamorous icons, and of course, its taste for expensive champagne and fois gras. (Lesson Two: do not try to put Kraft singles in the CD tray.) Now, after much meddling, I have discovered a few secrets, and no doubt you have too, but you may still wish to read “Mac OS X 10.1: Additional Features of the Dock,” an enlightening, if not entirely stimulating article written by the good folks at Apple. That is, the folks who didn’t bother to put any of this vital information in the Help system where it belongs.


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