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November 7, 2001 — 5 PM

Adieu, Expos

“Expos await burial”

Sniffle. My meagre four (and counting) years in Montreal perhaps do not qualify me to be a tried and true fan of the Expos, but that can’t stop me from seeing shameful circumstances for what they are. The city deserves better. As is apparently normal in professional sports these days, some owner is going to walk away with millions of dollars in profit while the hot dogs go cold and the AstroTurf™ turns brown. Baseball could’ve worked here — Montreal is no less a baseball city than Milwaukee — but it takes more than annual bargain shopping for other teams, third-rate minor leaguers and a roof caving in to incite interest.


I’d really give a lot to see another baseball game in Olympic Stadium. Something about that place…

Chris | Nov. 7, 2001 — 6 PM

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