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November 10, 2001 — 2 PM

Search Me

One of the pleasures of running your own web site is learning just how folks out there find it. The most innocuous things that one writes can turn out to be surprisingly popular. When I wrote a little blurb on Crappy Tire last summer, I really didn’t expect that it would become the number one search request by which people find Attaboy.

Similarly, my recent commentary on the crappers of the Old World has resulted in several people arriving on the doorstep. Who knew that “european toilets” would prove to be a popular search?

Turns out, as we speak, I’m ranked seventh on the search results when you enter in those illustrious words at Google. And while I egotistically long to rise to the top, I’m willing to concede that this elegant commentary — lovingly illustrated — on the particularly ineffective flushing units in Germany deserves its premiere position.

Gotta love the Net.


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