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March 16, 2001 — 2 PM

It’s Friday afternoon, the sun

It's Friday afternoon, the sun is shining (beaming its thawing rays onto the icky white stuff below), and typing on a computer is getting close to the last thing I feel like doing right now. As long as my fingers are already here though, I might as well point out that James Lileks offers his Minneapolis-based thoughts on March, the fickle month. Sounds an awful lot like the March I know.

Last weather link, I promise.

For those of you already throwing up your hands in despair, crying "Who cares!" (or "Move somewhere warm already!") I'll point you to this eye and ear-catching feature at k10k.net. Took me awhile to figure out exactly what do with it, but once I did, the use of sound and image really tickled me.

Having been well-steeped in sound production at school, I'm impressed when others add an aural element to the otherwise eye-and-finger biased Web. I would like to do this. Haven't quite figured out how to make the university homepage a sonic experience though. And I don't mean adding Microsoft "Utopia" sound effects to the buttons.

k10k (that's "Kaliber10000"), for those of you that don't know, is a strange odd collective of mostly Flash-based interactive media. Mostly Art with a capital A, often totally unnecessary complex and mysterious, but usually good for killing those last few hours on Friday afternoon — the ones that just wouldn't give up already.


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