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March 24, 2001 — 7 PM

Oooh! A new home.Welcome to

Oooh! A new home.

Welcome to attaboy.ca. Having tired of the narcissism of "luke.andrews.net," I've found a new online identity for these thoughts that I project into the void.

As you might've also noticed, not that much has really changed. It's a bit like the last pair of sneakers I bought. I really wasn't ready to give up the previous pair, so I hunted and hunted around until I found something almost exactly the same. The new ones had a smaller heel and looked a bit more casual. Meanwhile, I've taken away the frames from the old web site, taking a good half inch off my height. And don't even try and argue that the new logo isn't more casual.

For the font sluts among us, that's Mrs. Eaves making her grand ol' appearance up there, small caps and all. We think she's a lovely woman, that Mrs. Eaves; we especially like her curvy ligatures and old school charm.

Originally of course I had intended attaboy to be a bold, new site, with a different approach and new and exciting content. That still might happen — in some other space-time dimension where I'm not lazy and tired from actual "work" — but in the meantime, I thought, what the heck, let's just get on with it.

What do you think?


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