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March 30, 2001 — 4 PM

This is not where I

This is not where I live.

I thought I lived there, but it turns out I don't. Go ahead, look at the map. See where Avenue de l'Esplanade takes a short sideways hop before continuing on its merry way? That's where I live (in case you wondered). Seems like I should live in Mercier, right?

Why does this matter?

Well, evidence A:

Sorry about subjecting you to that photo (sigh), but the point being: I am now a Quebec resident. Or should I say, « J'suis québécois. » Not that exciting really — I have to fill out two sets of tax forms now, and in 6–8 weeks I'll receive my Official License to Complain About Ontario.

Oh, and I get to vote. And, lo, there's a by-election in a week here, in the Mercier riding (yes, the one of Yves Michaud fame). And I was mildly pleased, anticipatorily excited even, because I could exercise my right to vote, maudite anglo ou non, and happily not vote for the Parti Québécois candidate, and perhaps not vote for the Liberal candidate either since the Quebec Liberals really rub me the wrong way sometimes, apologetic nationalists that they are.

But I don't get to vote. Nope. I don't get to vote because I live on the other frickin' side of the street. Arrrgh. I guess you have to draw the boundary somewhere, but sheesh.

So. Nevermind, then.


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