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February 10, 2001 — 6 PM

Ooooh, a new update. I’ve

Ooooh, a new update. I've added a recent projects page to the site (link below as you may have noticed). No, I haven't only done one thing recently, but I decided to get the damn thing up instead of monkeying around further.

Continuing in the fine tradition of blurry-photos-as-background-images, the background is...well, a blurry photo. Not just any blurry photo though. Normally one can take any photo and just run it through Photoshop's "Gaussian Blur." Or if you feel like inducing nausea, the "Motion Blur" has the same effect as those hair-pulling Mossimo shirts popular back in the late 20th century.

Hah! I love being able to talk about 5 years ago as late in some other century.

Anyhow. This photo was actually blurred in the camera. Intentionally. On purpose even. To make the words in the photo take on a different, whimsical meaning than the one they were intended for (it's one of those binocular viewfinders, by the way, from the top of Mount Royal). Like so many others, it's still, in the end, a blurry photo. But not so blurry that its point isn't...clear.


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