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February 20, 2001 — 3 PM

Rick Mercer ranted on This

Rick Mercer ranted on This Hour Has 22 Minutes last night about the ever-increasing bombardment of advertisements in movie theatres. Having already paid up to $12 to watch a movie (loaded with product placements), we are now subjected to Big LOUD! ads. And there ain't no mute button in the theatre. I thought about this when I went to see Snatch and waited perhaps 30 minutes for the actual meat to begin. And it's not like you can show up late because everyone else in the world goes to see the movie on Tuesdays too.

Mercer's rant is good, because he seems to be one of the few citizens of power and influence in Canada these days. Perhaps the people will rise up and begin booing Glossette Raisins?

Okay, perhaps not...

In the always excellent spark-online, Carson Brown discusses "world wrap," his term for the encroachment of ads on everything. Advertisers have run out of magazine pages and TV timeouts so they're turning to people and their personal posessions.

As you slowly writhe in the pain set in by ad rot (brought to you by the makers of Advil!), you may also want to visit adbusters for a dose of culture jam.


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