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February 26, 2001 — 12 PM

Moving right along here, we

Moving right along here, we shift our attention today to fashion for the Orwellian meat market set.

Yes, skim.com offers you the chance to avoid all those messy rejections and put-downs we associate with actual human contact. Want to meet someone special? Just wear your numerically-coded, oh-so-chic skim.com clothing. Find someone else doing the same, and write down their number. (Preferably on your Palm VII of course...paper is so passé.) Presto, you can e-mail them later and get the 411 on Mr. or Ms. right.com. No lame pick-up lines, no dirty passes, no fuss, no muss.

Just think. It's like interactive, 3D, real-time personal ads! Oddly enough, targeted at those same stylish, savant graphic designers we mentioned yesterday. You know, the ones resistant to corporate brainwashing. Ahem.

Featured today at salon.com.


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