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June 12, 2000 — 6 PM

Pardon me, I’m just eating.

Pardon me, I'm just eating. Have been for days. Nothing like having a mom in town to make you visit the finer eating establishments. While I finish my mouthful, you might want to check out the Montreal e-guide to restaurants, by far the best web guide I've found to wining and dining ici.

This weekend I was in Toronto, usually the favourite target of any non-Torontonian looking for a few laughs. Well, I must admit, I actually had a good time, and Hogtown entertained me in all its big city glamour. But far be it from me to end a Canadian tradition. In Montreal, they don't bother putting pedestrian signals at most downtown intersections 'cause no self-respecting Montrealer would wait for a signal to cross the street. In Toronto, not only do they have signals, they have signs that say "PEDESTRIANS OBEY YOUR SIGNALS." And just in case that isn't clear, at many crosswalks there is a helpful little sign which explains in polite English what exactly is meant by that cryptic Walking Man and Flashing Amber Hand. Just in case you were confused.

Finally, while I won't pretend Montreal hasn't had its share of embarassing debacles in the attractions department (and Torontonians noticed). But Toronto mayor Mel Lastman's latest hare-brained scheme takes the cake. Ah yes, life-size painted model moose. Of course! Needless to say, Torontonians were just as unimpressed as I. Go ahead, take a look


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