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June 21, 2000 — 10 AM

Now let’s pause for station

Now let's pause for station identification.

Take a visit to Adobe's Motion Center Gallery where Pittard Sullivan are now playing. You know those animated "bumpers" that tell you "this is the ABC Sunday Night Movie" or "you're watching CTV." Well these guys are the bumper kings. Take a look at some of their work--you've probably seen some of it before--but admire it as if you weren't watching TV but animated art. It's always a fine line between design as art and design as a commercial, but I think these productions straddle that line with élan. And broadcast design is probably one of the least noticed siblings of the graphic arts family.

Watching a few of these bumpers makes the Web seem like that slack-jawed second cousin from the country... a little slower, and a lot less style. But look out, Pittard Sullivan are taking their act to the Web.


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