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Folks I Know Well

Patrick Gibson
Chris Knight
Marije going Notts
Jenn Strom

Folks I Don’t Know Quite So Very Well (But Aren’t They Nice)

Paul Wells
On the Fence
Robot Johnny
Said the Gramophone
What Do I Know

News, Views

Arts & Letters Daily — If there is food for thought, this is the filet mignon
Christian Science Monitor — I’m no scientist, and not much of a Christian, but the Monitor is one of the few good, independent sources of news
Geist — “Canadian Ideas, Canadian Culture”
Good Morning Silicon Valley
James Kunstler — Urban crank, never met a suburb he liked
Salon — Still-relevant news, opinion and features

Design Eye

Perry-Castañeda Map Collection — Free maps!
Typographica — For the font-whore in all of us

Listen Up

All Music Guide — Boundless encyclopedia of music
CBC Radio 3 — State broadcaster tries to get all cool and hip, and wait a sec, they pull it off
Epitonic — Source for indie music; free downloads
Global Pop Conspiracy — Eclectic online radio
Neumu — Yet another music site, but this one is good too

Voulez-Vous Parler Avec Moi?

Dictionnaire français-anglais — A decent French-English dictionary
Le Glossaire québécoisBen, c’est pas mal, esti!
Grand dictionnaire terminologique — A Quebec dictionary of terminology that shows English and French equivalents


Daring Fireball — “Mac Punditry and Curmudgeonry”
MacFixit.com — For problems
Macintouch — For more problems
Mac OS X Hints
Macintosh Serial Junkie
VersionTracker.com — For programs

Still More

Retrix Hosting — The fine folks who host this web site