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April 2001 Archive

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April 2001 Archive

April 30, 2001

And in the news: “Mississippi


April 29, 2001

The sombre, often lonely journey

April 27, 2001

Ah, endlessly clever, that Onion.

Linguistically Challenged: “We English-speaking peoples

A Fool and His Money…Received

April 24, 2001

A real show-stopper over at

Glad to see I’m not

April 23, 2001

…Which reminds me. CBC’s The

I was in Quebec City

How bad can one movie

April 18, 2001

Rabbi Phunkiewsky’s School of New

April 17, 2001

“Christ Goes to Happy Hour”

April 15, 2001

From the font-obsessed Lines &

April 14, 2001

With Bob Cole and Harry

April 12, 2001

The New York Times reveals

April 11, 2001

A penny for your thoughts,

April 10, 2001

It’s the Amon Tobin-approved sand

April 09, 2001

I’ve used his page countless

A disclaimer written on the

April 06, 2001

“The Massachusetts Institute of Technology

All rise for The First

Finally! Vancouverites (and their small

April 05, 2001

Sometimes the universe has a

Don’t question why, just accept.

April 04, 2001

Have you run out of

“Tale of road bump on

April 03, 2001

Finally, my handiwork is up

Searching for songs on Napster

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