Over There (in the UK)

October 9, 2006 at 5 PM

Hairful Computer User

Submitted for my consideration (as spoken by my inner dialogue to myself):

  1. It’s been two months since you posted on your blog. Get with the program already!

  2. Avoid using your new MacBook Pro immediately after you’ve had a haircut. The spaces between the keys are hair-hungry like you wouldn’t believe.

  3. Though your new MacBook Pro looks disarmingly similar to your old PowerBook, you will still impress friends and neighbours by showing off its magnetic power cord and its remote control. People are impressed by a remote control even though you use it in the space of your 400ish square foot flat (about 37 square metres for the metrically inclined). You should think carefully about cutting those three steps from the couch to the computer out of your daily routine. Is that really progress?

  4. You’re travelling too much. You’ve just barely touched down in Nottingham from your recent trip to Canada and yet in two days you’re already off to Japan. Jet lag and re-circulated air are the devils of the jet-set existence. On the other hand, you might make “prestige” status in your air miles program. What is a fellow to do?

  5. You’ve taken lots of photos which would no doubt make interesting visual fodder while you continue to avoid writing meaningful blog entries. But that means sorting through them and uploading them now and then. Which you will do. Any day now.

  6. That is all. Carry on.


Re: Your recent trip to Canada.

You were right about the whole wheat challah french toast.

— joyce | Oct. 11, 2006 — 6 PM

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