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October 28, 2004 at 9 AM

Other Events I Never Thought I’d See In My Lifetime

If you’re a Red Sox booster this morning, left is right, up is down, black is white, Republican is Democrat, Oceania is Eurasia. It’s hard to accept your entire understanding of the laws of the universe changing in three hours of sport. The Fox Network seemed to acknowledge this paradox of reality, though, by showing a bar in New York City full of people cheering whenever the Red Sox scored.

Anyway, as long as the getting is good, we really ought to take advantage of this rapprochement between the Heavens and Mere Mortals/Red Sox Fans. Why not knock off some other items from the list of heretofore-we-done-thunk-impossibles:

  • World peace
  • Nice guys finishing first
  • Ice cream that doesn’t melt and drip on your pants in the sun
  • Warp speed
  • Socks that maintain all of their original elasticity over time
  • Buses you’re trying to catch wait until after you’ve run to the stop and got and on board before driving away over a big puddle, soaking the sidewalk

Yes friends, I envision a new era.


I happened upon your blog looking for Montreal stuff. I live near Boston, and could not resist a post. I think the lunar eclipse during the final game of the World Series was the giveaway! My son and I saw the Red Sox’ great SS Orlando Cabrera play one of his last games as an Expo at the Stade this summer, during $5 (CDN) day. We are still pinching ourselves around here. One touching bit: many lifelong Red Sox fans have visited cemeteries to share the good news with those who came before them.

— Greg | Oct. 31, 2004 — 10 AM

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