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August 31, 2004 — 12 PM

Bank Account to Brain, Do You Copy? Come In, Brain

iMac G5 Damn you Apple, and your drool-inducing, wallet-to-be-emptied hardware.

I thought I wanted a PowerBook, but this here iMac G5 thing is a pretty mean beast when you factor in the price and the speed, not to mention the gee-whiz, “I could’ve sworn my LCD monitor alone was thicker than that,” factor.



Oh, MY GOD. I just bought my cute little 12” PowerBook last year… but that does look awful purdy.

— Megan | Aug. 31, 2004 — 4 PM

Apple envy… drool!

Rocketdog | Sep. 1, 2004 — 10 AM

Let’s not forget the ibook is portable, which is the key thing making it more useful to you. I have a G4, but my ibook goes with me everywhere, plus I can type on it in bed.

Not sayin’ I won’t eventually replace my G4 with one of those beauties, though…

Kate M. | Sep. 1, 2004 — 11 AM

“LCD is blue
And there’s nothing I can do…”

ERK | Sep. 2, 2004 — 12 PM

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