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November 20, 2003 at 10 PM

Court Jester to the King

Reactions to my Paul Martin rant were interesting. In one corner, we have the American audience, who said in their best grandmother voice, “We should be so lucky to have a Liberal prime minister!” Paul Martin is not George W. Bush, is not as dangerous or worrisome, so Canadians should be thankful.

In another corner we have the Martin-is-the-lesser-of-evils argument, which says that rubes and buffoons inhabit the “real” right wing parties in Canada, and we’re better off with Martin’s centre-right approach. This line of reasoning follows convential Canadian political theory, which says that Canada is a centrist nation, and neither the left or right stand a chance against those who straddle the middle.

How does that expression go? Damned if you do…?



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