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October 6, 2003 at 3 PM

Blinker the Star

Last week I mentioned that I’ve been busy working on various projects. One such project has finally launched: the new web site for the band Blinker the Star.

It’s a pleasure to work on a project that allowed a wee bit more artistic license than does my day job at the university. As a result, I’m pretty happy with the look and feel of the new site, and hey, as a special bonus, I happen to think the music is good too. Blinker’s new album, Still in Rome is a swell, rocking affair I’d recommend, and you can listen to clips as well as download full-length out-takes.

As with any new site, there are still a few finishing touches to be applied, and myriad updates to come.



Very nice. Purrrrrdy. I especially like the photo gallery.

— Megan | Oct. 7, 2003 — 12 AM

I interviewed Jordo while he was still in roam for a new record label…

Do you wann post it on the site? That’d be soooo sweet.

Let me know. I’ll email you a copy…

— Jeff Sieck | Nov. 28, 2003 — 10 PM

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