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September 11, 2003 at 4 PM


All my life, I have, like most English-speaking Canadians, referred to carbonated drinks as “pop”. Canadians assume that Americans call the stuff “soda”. In fact, the truth is a lot more complex, as The Pop vs. Soda Page shows most marvelously.

For example, many southerners call any and all pop “coke”. Many New Englanders call it “tonic.” And don’t forget the most popular choice here in Quebec: “soft drink” (“liqueur” in French).


And if you live close to Buffalo (St. Catharines, for example), you call it pap. “Woudja like yer pap in a battle er a gleass?”

Actually, I’ve always thought Quebecers called drinks by their proper names. A Coke, a 7-up, a Pepsi etc. - we tend not to go for the generic.

aj | Sep. 13, 2003 — 11 AM

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