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May 13, 2003 at 10 AM

Clickety Clack

I’ve used a Macintosh at home for a few years now, and I find Apple’s current line of keyboards to be adequate. The keys have a nice surface, there are those handy, extra volume keys, and there is pretty good feedback when you type. A far cry from the standard $10 keyboard that comes with a tin whistle Windows computer these days. Back when I did use Windows, I lucked into having an old IBM PC keyboard, thanks to my friend Chris. Now that was a keyboard. It weighed more than the neighbour’s dog, was much uglier, and seemed like it would survive a nuclear holocaust — a reassuring quality in that Cold War era. It was the perfect companion to the old phone-company rotary telephones you used to call your computer friends, and the metal-case Hayes modem you used to connect to a BBS. At 300 baud.

Nostalgia aside, the keyboard offered a quality typing experience and it made the mushy, fragile contraptions that are standard-issue now that much more annoying. If you are a Windows user and you’ve ever been frustrated by your keyboard’s weak will, maybe now is the time to talk to, a company that both sells the old IBM PC keyboards and manufactures a modern imitation. Your fingers will thank you as you clack happily away. (Link from the desk of Scott Rosenberg)



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