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April 30, 2003 at 1 PM

Share Your Music Really Really Easily

Boy, Windows users are getting a raw deal here at ATTABOY. Soon I will stop talking about Macs and how great they are, but first I just have to share this little hint.

By far the best feature of iTunes 4 is that you can share your music with all other Mac users on the Internet, and they can share their music with you. Go to your iTunes preferences, click Sharing and enable “Share my music.”

Then control-click on your Library (or any playlist or song) in the Source listing, and select “Copy Sharing URL”. Then paste into an e-mail to your best iTunes-equipped friend and away he or she goes. (This quick and dirty advice brought to you by What Do I Know.) On the other hand, if you know someone whose taste you appreciate, click “Connect to Shared Music…” in the Advanced menu and type their host name or IP address there.

Of course, you can only listen to the songs — you can’t actually copy them to your own library. But that would be just a little too easy. (Or not?)



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