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April 24, 2003 at 10 AM


Zeldman’s thoughtful comments on the merits of RSS syndication have got me thinking. Right now, my syndication template provides you, the subscriber, with each complete entry. The advantage is that you can usually read my thoughts in your program of choice without even needing to open a browser. The disadvantage is that, well, you never need to open a browser and see my site. You might miss the other goodies that live on this and other pages here at ATTABOY.

An alternative would be to present only a summary or excerpt of each entry in the syndicated version. You’d get a taste of Attaboy, but for the whole meal, you would come to the actual site.

Any of you RSS subscribers have an opinion one way or the other?

Note to the confused: if you don’t know what I’m talking about, this is a good introduction. The simple explanation is that RSS syndication is a way for you or anyone to subscribe to your favourite sources of “content” (man I hate that word), and be informed quickly when those sources publish something new. It’s like getting your web fix in e-mail form, except that it isn’t e-mail.


I don’t know what you have in your RSS, but with my Feedreader I only see the excerpts. Therefore every new entry you have that seems to be of interest to me brings me to your site.

Zeldman has a point but it’s a little overreactionary IMHO.

Tim | Apr. 24, 2003 — 10 AM

I say let your visitors choose.

That argument of yours applies to links with a “_blank” target just as well, sure it’s true that your visitors might “miss out” on something but, please, leave the decision in the visitors hands.

Tomas | Apr. 24, 2003 — 3 PM

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