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March 11, 2003 at 12 PM

Newsflash: It’s Cold

Confirming what anyone with warm blood and a pulse could tell you: it has been really cold in Eastern Canada and the American North-East; so cold, in fact, that Lake Erie, Lake Huron and Lake Superior have all completely frozen at the surface.


Yeah, it’s been rough for us here (Vancouver) too. We had some Arctic winds which even brought us some snow! Fortunately, the winds have passed, and we are sitting at a brisk eight degrees (Celcius)

Patrick | Mar. 11, 2003 — 1 PM

Nyahh, nyahh. It’s a frigid 74 degrees here in my part of N. Cal

Beerzie Boy | Mar. 11, 2003 — 3 PM

Hush, you spoiled West Coasters.

Maybe if I repeat this simple phrase, it’ll make up for negative double digit temperatures: I like seasons. I like seasons. I like seasons.

— Luke | Mar. 11, 2003 — 4 PM

Dood. We have seasons. They’re just mellow.

Beerzie Boy | Mar. 11, 2003 — 6 PM

What would you call those seasons, exactly? Warm and almost-warm? Dry and dryer?

Of course, to be honest, Southern Quebec doesn’t so much have seasons as it has multiple personality disorder. I mean, really, 60 degree swings in temperature (that’s about 100 degrees Fahrenheit) from winter to summer. What were the French thinking?

“Ho ho, ‘zis land, eet eez fuhl of fuhrs. Our keeng, zeese will please ‘im.”

[Later] “Merde, eet ‘as nevehr made so cold in France. Waht ahr we dooing ‘ere?”

— Luke | Mar. 12, 2003 — 9 AM

Ah yes. Nothing gets a forum going like a discussion about the weather. That is SO Canadian.

— Megan | Mar. 12, 2003 — 11 AM

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