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February 4, 2003 at 10 AM

Atlanta: Hidden Jewel?

A couple years ago, I went a web design conference in Atlanta. At least I landed in Atlanta. The conference itself was actually in a different county than most of the city, in a special hell I call ConferenceLand, since it didn't seem to be part of any particular municipality or suburb. Hotels and a mall surrounded on all sides by highways was the sum total of that slice of urbanity. Sadly, the rest of Atlanta is pretty similar, as I wrote at the time.

Nevertheless, a series of photographs at Café l'Urbanité shows a different side of Atlanta. Hiding behind the gated communities, chain restaurants and the sinuous highway system is a reminder that a city still breathes life.

And speaking of the New South, Metropolis has a nice feature this month on current efforts to revitalize Nashville, one in a long list of North American cities where suburban development left an empty, depressed core. The article isn't online, but I'd recommend picking up a copy of the current issue in any case. If you're not familiar with it, I'll add that Metropolis features a rather effortless blend of photography and prose about architecture, design and society, three topics that invariably pique my interest. It's also one damn attractive magazine.



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