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January 16, 2003 at 12 PM

As Was The Style At The Time

An interesting commentary on West Coast urban nostalgia.


Guys like this really get me going. I mean, sure, False Creek looks much nicer these days since Vancouver was yuppified and seperated from the rest of BC (oh no! We have logs in our water and we look like - gasp - kamloops!). But what does he think that really did to the city? Could it be one of the reasons we see so many, quote, “docile rubbies” on our streets? Because the vision of Vancouver put forward by such visionaries as Jimmy Patison (!), that of a city without all the “clutter” that accompanies blue collar life, has essentially alienated an entire class of people from the city’s future? If your taste doesn’t run to sushi bars and cheap imported beer, but rather to hot dogs and soup for under 5 dollars, your pretty much screwed in the ‘couv. And these are some of the reasons I run from Vancouver…this sense of constantly destroying the past, even if it is ugly.

Brett | Jan. 21, 2003 — 12 PM

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