Over There (in the UK)

January 14, 2003 at 1 PM


Those folks at CBC have churned out an online magazine at that echoes the sort of ideas I've had myself for doing some sort of web publication. It's part music, part photography, part magazine features, and all snazz, punch and snap. Short interviews and highlights of current culture, as well as promotion for other CBC radio and online entities make up the bulk of the meat.

Canadian or not, it's worth a glimpse. And, in their vainglorious insanity, they're producing it weekly. (Once you see the Flash interface, you'll see why I find this hard to believe. But kudos if they can do it.)


Nice design. Too bad it’s gone and made all the criteria for sites I boycott:

- don’t pop up in my face
- don’t f*ck with my ‘Back’ button
- don’t stop me from copying text to paste in, for example, a search engine
- don’t take up all of my screen unless I tell you to

Tim | Jan. 16, 2003 — 9 AM

You’ve got a point. The design does break a lot of rules that I myself try to maintain when designing sites. But I think when you consider their target audience — young people who place value on style — the design fits. The problems you mention afflict most sites designed with Flash.

Personally, I don’t think it’s such a bad thing to have a full-screen pop-up if that’s what your content deserves — and with those hi-res photos to show off, why not? The mistake they’ve made is not allowing you to resize the content (why waste Flash’s ability to resize everything on the fly?).

As for the lack of back button — with the simple page forward and back interface, do you think it’s needed?

— Luke | Jan. 16, 2003 — 9 AM

Oh, is that what that folded page thing does on the side? (Sites with learning curves… eek!)

The full-screen isn’t the end of the world, if you TELL me that’s what is going to happen. As it stands when you go to that page you’re instantly hit with that — I almost mistook it for a pop-up banner and closed it before it loaded!

And like you say, they dropped the ball on not allowing Flash to do its resizing magic.

Tim | Jan. 16, 2003 — 1 PM

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