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January 7, 2003 at 10 AM

Send In The Clones

I'm back in Montreal after a healthy, hearty stay in Halifax and a quick jaunt to Prince Edward Island. Everyone always tells you the Canadian Maritimes are a friendly place, and spending New Year's Eve with a boatload of Cape Bretoners couldn't have proved anything less. Yar.

Meanwhile, a new year dawns and the science fiction of our youth is suddenly rushing towards us at the full speed of reality.

In this corner, wearing the cumulonimbus trunks with a chance of showers, we have the plot from Superman III: scientists may soon mess with the clouds to manipulate weather, though hopefully it won't involve as much hammy acting as the 1983 film. Actually, this has been going on for sometime, but they're serious about it this time.

And in the other corner, wearing the leather bikini briefs, Raël, announcing his new clones. For an idea of what the Raëlians are all about, I highly recommend this story by Brian Preston, who travelled to a Raëlian camp to get a piece of the action but came back with only a lack of confidence.

What I want to know is how a guy who looks like Raël gets anyone interested in sex, ever. Eww.

Clones, monster clouds, and everywhere people writing drivel like "Now, more than ever...". Yes, it's 2003, and the future has never seemed closer.


Aaaak! Gah! Extremely unsexy. Nice robes though.

For those of you who may find themselves at any Cape Bretoner’s party: don’t ask questions when they bring out the plates of tea-biscuits and cheese, der bye.

— Megan | Jan. 8, 2003 — 10 AM

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