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September 7, 2002 at 4 PM

180 Degrees of Late Summer in Montreal

A rather hastily assembled panorama of late summer’s fine weather here in Montreal, courtesy of yours truly, the Canon G2 digital, and our old friend Photoshop.

The photo was taken from the lookout at the top of “Mount” Royal, the grand centrepiece of Montreal, and looks from northeast to southwest. (Don’t forget to scroll.)


Beautiful shot. I was in Montréal last year and was in the same vantage point. I love Montréal. Especially in the summer. The Jazz festival was excellent.

Randy Decker | Sep. 8, 2002 — 11 AM

Very nice Photoshop work, my friend. It’s amazing what you can do in Photoshop. My last attempt at fun was a little while ago:

— Patrick | Sep. 9, 2002 — 2 AM

Well I can’t give Photoshop all the credit. The Canon G2 has a “photostitch” feature when you’re shooting. It lets you line up each successive shot with the previous to minimize distortion and offset errors. Very nifty.

— Luke | Sep. 9, 2002 — 10 AM

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