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August 8, 2002 at 8 PM

Parlate Inglese?

Attaboy Presents: How to Use Your New Italian Coffee Press/Milk Frother, According to the Instructions (with footnotes by the author)

* * *

Milk Cream

1. Fill with milk 1/3 of the canister. Warm the milk without boiling.

2. Remove from the twister the coffee filter and push up and down fast and quickly for approximately 30 seconds.

3. Wait a few seconds for the cream to lay.*

4. Pour the above in a cup containing coffee.

Milk Shake

Follow the step above using cold milk with addition of syrup.

To Whisk the White of the Eggs

Of at least 4 eggs white, push down the twister until you obtain the wanted strength.†

To Whisk the Cream

Put 200 ml of liquid cooking cream in the canister, press on the twister until you obtain the wanted thickness.


To obtain perfect results only use warm milk (not over 60°) or cold milk (0° – 4°).


Wash immediately the filter after the use and dry accurately.‡

* Warning: Use only highly libidinous cream.

† Warning: pulling up the twister may revert your newly acquired muscle into fat.

‡ To improve the accuracy of liquid removal, a dish drying device, such as a towel, dish rack, or portion of your unsoiled shirt, is highly recommended.



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