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June 25, 2002 at 11 AM

Fetch Fine Free Fixed-Width Font

Fellow font whores: does Courier make you wince? Think Monaco fell off the ugly tree and hit every branch?

Notable type designer Mark Simonson has made available a free fixed-width font called Anonymous which is both attractive and legible, and is available for Windows and Mac.

For those that don’t follow: a fixed-width font, also called mono-spaced, is one in which each letter takes up an equal amount of horizontal space. Like on a typewriter or in the amber-on-black days of DOS command lines (you remember DOS, don’t you?).


You’re such a font slut! (But I love it.)

— Lindsay | Jun. 25, 2002 — 5 PM

Great font, thanks for the link! (me font junkie)

— Alfred | Jun. 27, 2002 — 12 PM

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