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May 15, 2002 at 11 AM

Fancy the Footy?

The latest FIFA rankings for the world’s soccer teams put Canada at a sparkling 75th. Some might congratulate us on our rapid rise from our ranking in December of 92nd. But let us also point out that above Canada on the list are the “Democratic Republic” of Congo at 74th, Qatar at 73rd, Iraq at 71st and Togo at 69th.

According to the CIA, there are 769,152 people in Qatar, a country “slightly smaller than Connecticut.” That makes it roughly equal in people to Winnipeg. Or in other words, Canada is forty times larger. Qataris enjoy a desert climate, “humid and sultry in summer.” Dust and sandstorms are common. Does that really sound like optimum weather for kicking around the old ball? Of course we can be proud that we would wipe the floor with 149th ranked Liechtenstein, but is that really enough? Is that really all we can expect?

If we start calling it football like everyone else on the earth, will that help solve the problem? Because I know our 0.5% of the world can do better.

(Can you tell I’ve lost interest in the hockey playoffs now?)


Luke - So pleased to see you’ve learned to appreciate a real sport!

— Emma | May. 15, 2002 — 11 PM

But who do I cheer for in the World Cup? I’m not just going to pick some arbitrary Scandinavian team because I like their sensibilities.

— Luke | May. 16, 2002 — 9 AM

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