Over There (in the UK)

May 28, 2002 at 1 PM


I stumbled across the International Air Tango Club of Canada while looking for Air Canada Tango, the pay-similar-prices-and-get-less-service branch of everyone’s favourite national airline. Whether cybersquatters or legitimate hobbyists, these fine citizens greatly amuse me.

“As we approach the ground and the end of the dance, we release our parachutes, and float to the ground in multicoloured silken finery.”

Tee hee.


It’s funny that you came across this — a guy I used to work with, Jurgen Schaub (hint: view page source) is the proud proprietor of Our favourite national airlilne was not cunning enough to register the most suitable domain for their not-so-great new airline, so Jurgen took it for himself. You might also check out his other site,

Patrick | May. 28, 2002 — 5 PM

Neat. I like the Stickman Gallery. Mr. Schaub obviously has a professional sense of humour.

— Luke | May. 29, 2002 — 12 PM

Hey, that’s me! Glad you like the sites. See what happens when you send something to the info email address…

jurgen | Jun. 3, 2002 — 5 PM

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