Over There (in the UK)

September 9, 2001 at 5 AM


It occurred to me yesterday that I hadn’t updated my blog in ages. In fact, I pretty much altogether forgot about it for the last 10 days or so. But I think my excuse is reasonable.

At the moment I’m sitting in an Internet café in Prague. A week ago I left Montreal to undergo a month-long tropical-storm-speed tour of Europe. My friend Ian joined me in Amsterdam, from which we departed for Germany. En route to Berlin, we stopped somewhat randomly in Dortmund, which is apparently a “new” German city. The oldest thing there was probably the guys driving who drive the trams. We arrived there very late and discovered that finding a place to stay in Dortmund was somewhat unlike Amsterdam (where hostel agents circle like mosquitos on a hot Manitoba day). After wandering around the completely deserted city centre, we found a pamphlet that listed a pension within walking distance. With a bit of pidgin Deutsch, some deductive logic, and much primitive sign language, we managed to communicate to the manager (once we found him) that we needed a room. It’s amazing how far you can get with someone even without speaking more than a couple phrases in common.

After Dortmund we moved on to Berlin, a strange, huge, fascinating place, replete with both stupifying Soviet modernism and West Berlin chic. Leaving Berlin I felt like I missed much; leaving Prague soon, I have the feeling even more. There’s something in the air in Prague — besides the questionable smell of heavy tourism. Bridges, castles and gardens stretch back 1000 years. I would write more, but I’m a bit speechless to be honest. I only wish I could’ve come here before everyone else.

In any case, I think my travels will continue to keep me occupied, entertained and even weary. I’ll try and write a bit more as I go, but there ain’t no Internet access on Czech trains.

Dobrý den.



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