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June 23, 2001 at 6 PM

On Her Majesty’s (Really) Secret Service

Over at Salon: “Bigfoot Ruined My Sex Life.

Mostly we just like the clever metaphorical use of mostly forgotten James Bond actors:

I figured that my association with Bigfoot would slowly fade from the Internet and that my legacy, as I wrote to the members of the IVBC, would be to become the “George Lazenby of the Bigfoot field, a vaguely remembered character who made a brief, tiny contribution the nature of which cannot exactly be recalled at the moment.”

Accordingly, we feel the need to nominate some other worthy candidates to George Lazenby status.

* * *

The 1st Annual Awards for Achievement in George Lazenbydom (‘The Lazzies’)

The Lazzy for Attainment of Political Power:

(23-way tie)

The Lazzy for Channelling a Moderately Successful Career as a Comedian into an NBC Sitcom:

Jeff ‘You Know You’re a Redneck When…’ Foxworthy

The Lazzy for Roles Portrayed by Harrison Ford in Famous Films:

‘Colonel Lucas’ in Apocalypse Now

The Lazzy for Late-1980s Vocabulary:

‘chawesome’ (adj. slightly better than awesome)



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